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Tales from a College Nothing



If you’d rather go to a club than a museum, you deserve to be unhappy.

museum? what the fuck is in a museum? they got bitches in museums? alive bitches?

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I was born in the wrong generation, take me back to the paleoarchean era. I want to be insentient. I want to be bacteria

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10 Daily Random Facts


Hugs help to reduce blood pressure, tension and stress levels causing you to feel more open and trusting.

It only takes six minutes for the brain to react to alcohol.

Aside from being a founding father of the US, Benjamin Franklin also gave guitar lessons.

Fasting for 12-16 hours will reset…




Virginity only matters if you’re lighting the black flame candle to summon witches.

Actually, When people talk about “blood of a virgin”, what’s actually meant is “virgin blood”, aka blood that’s never before been used in a ritual.

Therefore, virginity doesn’t matter for anything.

*noises of comprehension and frustration that I didn’t make that connection before*

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